Saturday, March 12, 2011

Must Eat: Sugarfish by Nozawa, Santa Monica

Last night, J and I decided to take a break from cooking (we've been on a 2 week stretch!) and treat ourself to a nice sushi dinner. Lucky for us, Sugarfish by Nozawa just opened a fourth restaurant in Santa Monica!   We were excited because it had received a 5 star review on and despite the loads of sushi restaurants in LA, we hadn't found "the One" yet.  

We walked in around 8pm on a Friday night, and to our delight, were seated right away!  They offer three "omakase" (aka price fixe) combinations - Trust Me/Lite $19; Trust Me $28 and the Nozawa for $35-38.  I decided to go with the "Trust Me",  and J went with the "Nozawa." We ordered a Sapporo to share.  I loved everything - the fish was so fresh, the rice perfectly seasoned (there was no need for any additional soy sauce or wasabi) - the sushi literally melted in my mouth.

Organic Edamame

Tuna Sashimi (big eye)

Salmon Sushi
Albacore Sushi

Halibut Sushi

Yellowtail Sushi

Toro Hand Roll

Crab Hand Roll

As some other reviewers have noted, this is a meal that will really satisfy you, but won't leave you stuffed. We really enjoyed our dinner there, and will be back again for sure!

Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa
1345 2nd St
Santa Monica, CA

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  1. Also, they only use one diver for all the uni they serve at all the sugarfish restaurant. They only trust one guy! They don't always have uni for that reason, but when they do it's delicious!!