Friday, April 15, 2011

Must Eat: Huntley Hotel Penthouse "Sunset Hour", Santa Monica, CA

Last weekend, my brother in law was in town visiting from Canada. We wanted to impress him so we took him to the Sunset Happy Hour at the Penthouse restaurant at the Huntley Hotel.  This is a beautifully renovated classic hotel that exudes sexy urban sophistication.  The "Penthouse" is located on the 18th floor, and has a great design.  But what we really go for is the view. Breathtaking sweeping views of the city and the ocean.  

We've never eaten a meal there, but usually go for drinks -which can be quite pricey. Their happy hour (from 4-7pm) is a better deal, and a good way to relax while watching the sunset! 

We ordered some spicy jalapeno sliders and pulled bbq pork sliders. 
Both were good, but we enjoyed the jalapeno cheddar sliders a bit more
The warm goat cheese poppers (pictured below) were fantastic, and my favorite snack. 
The market fish ceviche was okay. I think J's recipe for ceviche is better. 
The short rib tacos were fun to eat. 
I thought the crispy rock shrimp was just okay. 

In summary, the food was tasty, the drinks at $7 a piece reasonable....though perhaps not that memorable.  The reason why I am labeling this place as a Must Eat is for the view. In my opinion, the Penthouse has one of the most stunning views we have in this city, and is worth a visit at any time of day or night. 

1111 2nd St
Santa Monica CA 90403
$7 Happy Hour, weekdays 4-7. 


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