Saturday, April 16, 2011

Do: Hike Runyon Canyon, Hollywood, CA

You can see the Hollywood Sign from this hike!

We've been getting into the healthy habit of hiking on the weekends, usually followed by an unhealthy, but delightful brunch. (stay tuned for a review of grub to be posted tomorrow! :)  Recently, we've done Solstice Canyon and Los Liones Canyon, so we decided to try something different this time and do the more urban Runyon Canyon Hike in the Hollywood Hills.

Runyon Canyon was very different from the other hikes. Although it was still an "escape from the city", it was not as peaceful and relaxing for me as the hikes were in the Santa Monica mountains.  There are several downsides to this hike in my opinion: 
  1. Parking is very difficult.  Magically J found a spot right away, but this is in the middle of Hollywood so it's probably a good idea to go either early, or later in the day on weekends. 
  2. It is a very popular hike and although the path is wide, it is crowded with both people and dogs.  (note - if you are afraid of or allergic to dogs, this hike is not for you, as in many parts the dogs are allowed to run around off leash).  Watch out for dog poop!
  3. The trail is not as very well kept and there are some steep areas where there is quite a bit of erosion. Make sure you're wearing good shoes with traction (hiking shoes ideal) and go slow in these areas.  

But if you make it to the top, and it is a a clear sunny day, you get an incredible panoramic view of the city that makes it all worthwhile.   It is about a 3.5 mile loop.


2000 N Fuller Ave
Los Angeles CA, 90046

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