Monday, April 25, 2011

Listen/ Must Do Prince - Purple Rain @ Forum Los Angeles 21 night stand!

This week's music monday features genius Prince.

J and I went to the Forum this past Saturday night to see him in concert. OMG. It was off the hook - ridiculously awesome!!! I've been going to concerts since I was 15 and have seen great bands including Radiohead, U2, Moby... but Prince took it to another level with his incredible singing, music, guitar playing and killer dance moves. I liked his music before the concert, but now I LOVE him!

You must see him LIVE if you can. It is so much better than anything recorded.  He's in LA for a "21 night stand" which began April 14.  In an effort to make the show affordable for all his fans, roughly 85% of all tickets are available for $25, inclusive of service fees.  It is so worth it. It'd be worth it if it cost 10 times that!  Trust me and go.

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