Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cook: Recipes will be posted all day today!

As much as we enjoy eating out, there is probably nothing we enjoy more than a night at home, cooking together with friends. Last night, our friends S and A came over and we made dinner together. Normally, I'll post one or two recipe from a particular meal, but this dinner was so amazing that throughout the day today, I will be publishing all the recipes!
Here is a preview of what is to come:
  • Drinks: Ginger cocktails with candied ginger, Sake
  • Appetizer: Red snapper and scallop ceviche
  • Main course: Seared ahi tuna with mango ginger mint salsa
  • Sides: cucumber sunomono, kelp seaweed salad (the only thing that was bought!), roasted edamame
  • Dessert: Molten chocolate cake with green tea ice cream.

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