Saturday, March 3, 2012

Must Eat: Father's Office, Santa Monica, CA

This was one of the first places we ate at when we visited LA in May 2010 to search for an apartment in Santa Monica.  Now we are lucky that it is just a few blocks from home!  Father's office is a cozy bar on Montana with many beers on tap, a hipster vibe, and a yummy bar menu.  People rave that they make one of the best burgers in LA - It's one of mine for sure!
The Juicy Burger loaded with deliciousness.   However note - "No substitutions, Modifications, Alterations or Deletions" allowed!
 Shoestring Fries served with Aioli! 

 Short ribs were fall off the bone tender
 Sauteed mushrooms were juicy and flavorful
We ended the meal with a sweet treat- apple pie ice cream sandwiched by oatmeal cookies. Then we walked home, enjoying the palm trees swaying in the crisp cool SoCal winter's night. :)

Father's Office
1018 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90403

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