Thursday, March 22, 2012

Must Eat: Sushistop

The other night, J and I went to watch the documentary - Jiro Dreams of Sushi at the Nuart Theater in Westwood. It was a beautiful film (both in cinematography and in regards to the story) and we highly recommend it!
When the movie was over, quite predictably, we were craving sushi.  Lucky for us, the theater was only a few blocks away from Sawtelle Blvd, also known as "Little Osaka."  Although we were inspired by the 30,000 Yen ($362) per person meal depicted in the film, that is a little over out budget. So we settled for the $2.75 per roll sushi at Sushistop.

The first time we came here, we were skeptical - but the sushi is actually quite good and you just can't beat the price! We can stuff ourselves (and J can put down a LOT of sushi) and our bill for two usually ends up around $30. Here is our sampling of what we ate! 
This is one of our top cheap eats in LA! We're not the only ones who think so - it's always busy! Expect to wait a minimum of 30 minutes and up to an hour during busy dinner hours. If you don't mind eating a bit late, the crowd usually settles down by 9pm.  You can also order take out!

2053 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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