Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hike: Temescal Canyon Loop Trail with abundant spring wildflowers!

This is the first hike that J and I did Los Angeles.  We went last summer, when we first moved to LA.  It was very sunny day, and quite hot. I remember thinking it was a great hike - it has quite a steep climb for the first half (which is a good workout!) and the views are fantastic, especially on the top of the ridge. The second half (all downhill) is very relaxing.  :)

My friend Stacy came to visit from NYC and we wanted to do a shorter hike (1 1/2-2 hours, 3-4 miles), so I suggested we do the Temescal Canyon Loop. Wow - what a difference it is to hike in the spring when all the wildflowers are blooming and the waterfall is flowing!!! I was so busy taking photos of the beautiful flowers and ocean view while hiking, that I somehow missed seeing the clown snake (poisonous) that Stacy told me slithered right by my feet!!!  Don't worry, as long as you are careful and wear hiking shoes or sneakers, I think it is a pretty safe hike. :)

This is a pretty easy hike to access. The entrance to the trail is right by Palisades High School.  A few things to note is that it is $7 to park.  Supposedly (according to yelpers), there is a hidden camera in one of the parking lots so you must come to a complete stop when exiting the parking lot.

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Temescal Canyon Loop Trail
15601 W Sunset Blvd
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

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  1. This hiking trail is so beautiful! Right by the beach and has an AMAZING view of Los Angeles at the very top. It's not that long just be careful of hiking down because there's different exits and you could end up in a private neighborhood. I recomend this to everyone.