Friday, September 23, 2011

Must Eat: Grom - Malibu, CA

I'm in Phoenix and according to my phone's weather app, it is 107f right now. I could go for some ice-cream or gelato! Speaking of gelato, my favorite NYC spot just opened in Malibu! After hiking in the Santa monuca mountains a few weeks ago, J and I stopped at GROM at the Malibu country mart for a treat. it was better than I imagined... Luxurious rich creamy perfection in sophisticated flavors. Mmmmmm... So good. I love sweet rose creamery for good old fashioned rich ice cream (also available in exotic flavors), but GROM is the place to go in LA for gelato! (warning - it is kind if expensive - around $5 for a small but I think it's worth it!)

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