Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bake: Mam Papaul's Red Velvet Cake

Those who know me, know that my favorite cake is Red Velvet. I love it so much, that for several years I was on a quest to find the very best one. I think I found it in Truckee, CA at the Old Coffee Shop in town.  Anyhow, we're lucky here in LA - there are many options for good red velvet including Sprinkles and SusieCakes. But there is a certain joy to baking at cake at home, and a few months ago, I had some success with this recipe from scratch
The other day, I was in World Market (which has an awesome selection of treats and snacks from around the world) and I saw this - Mam Papaul's Red Velvet Cake mix. It looked like the real deal, and seems to be a favorite in Southern Louisiana. I decided to give it a try.  I followed the directions on the box for the cake. For the frosting, I opted to add the optional cream cheese (to the butter and shortening already required) as well as a bit of vanilla.  The cake made its debut at our Labor Day BBQ and was a great hit. This cake mix is definitely a Must Bake! :)

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