Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cook: British Egg and Beans on Toast Breakfast

This is one of our favorite hearty breakfast recipes. I was actually introduced to the idea of eggs and beans by my friend Eylul when she was my neighbor in Providence, RI. It was only later that I learned eggs and beans is a popular breakfast dish in Britain (above photo taken in London).  Luckily, this delicious and nutritious (protein rich) breakfast is super easy to make!  
  • Eggs (we like 2 per person), cooked over easy or sunny side up
  • Can of baked beans
  • Toast (we like sourdough)
  1. Fry the eggs to your liking. It is best to make them either over easy, or sunny-side up.
  2. Microwave or warm beans on stovetop
  3. Toast bread, if desired
  4. Plate the eggs and top with a generous scoop of baked beans. 
  5. serve with toast on side.

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