Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Must Eat: Ramen Yamadaya Culver City

We love Ramen. It one of our favorite comfort foods. We got hooked on ramen at Momofuku noodle bar and Ippudo in NYC and have been searching for a good ramen spot in LA since we moved out here in 2010.  Granted, we'd probably have more luck if we drove down to Torrance, and we still need to make the pilgrimage out to Daikokuya downtown - but during the week, we just want to go somewhere convenient and close to home on the West Side.  We were pretty psyched when we found a new Ramen shop not to far in Culver City!
The tricky part is finding a place that doesn't put a ton of MSG in their broth. MSG gives me a headache and makes me dizzy - which kind of ruins the fun of eating.  True story - when I went to local favorite Santouka Ramen, the broth had so much MSG I almost passed out after eating it!  At Yamadaya, the broth was rich and flavorful and delicious - as far as I could tell either very little or no MSG!

The noodles are thinner than most other ramen noodles we've tried. They were cooked perfectly al dente and were very enjoyable to eat.  I got the tonkatsu ramen special and J got it with the ramen with shoyu broth. We were both very happy with our bowls.
Since our first visit, we have already gone back once and enjoyed another satisfying dinner. We're adding this to the list of our local favorite cheap eats!
Ramen Yamadaya
11172 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230

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