Sunday, November 13, 2011

Must Eat: Malibu Seafood, Malibu, CA

After a day of hiking, J and I usually treat ourselves to something good to eat. After hiking the Mishe Mokwa trail to Sandstone Peak, we were exhausted and starving so we decided to stop at Malibu Seafood on PCH.  This is a laid back, no frills, oceanside seafood spot. We ordered the fish and chips based on the rave reviews on yelp, and were not disappointed. 

In a addition to a piece of fish per person, we also ordered a tuna burger, clam chowder and cole slaw.  The fish was incredibly fresh and satisfying.  I also enjoyed the cole slaw which was light and refreshing. The clam chowder was good, but I think it is actually better at Santa Monica Seafood. 
I enjoyed the fish taco, but both Moni and J agreed that it was just average.  The Tuna burger was probably the second best thing we ate after the fish and chips.
Overall, this was a great little laid back spot to have a nice seafood snack by the ocean.  We wouldn't necessarily drive all the way out there to eat, but if you happen to pass by along the PCH, it is worth a stop.  PS- it is BYOB so you can pack a cooler and a bottle of wine / and a couple of beers to go with your meal :)

Malibu Seafood
25653 Pacific Coast Highway  Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 456-3430

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