Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Must Eat: Meals by Genet, Los Angeles, CA

Every now and then, I crave Ethopian Food. Luckily for me,  Little Ethopia is only a short drive away.  Although J and I have enjoyed every meal we've had on Fairfax (we've tried 3 different restaurants so far), Meals by Genet is our favorite. The restaurant has a nice ambiance - cozy and candlelit. We came with J's family, who was visiting from Canada, and sat at a round table - making it easy to converse, as well as eat, from our communal injera (Ethopian bread) topped with delightful meats and vegetables and sauces.

We started with a tasty order of "FOUL" which was a fava bean, red onion, green chili and sour cream spread.
We then moved on to enjoy our main dishes which included two orders of the vegetarian combination (10 assorted items including split peas (yellow and orange), green and red lentils, garbanzo beans, potatoes, collard greens, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes)  The Seanye Siga Wot  - spicy rid eye chopped fine, stewed in red pepper sauce with ethopian butter and Hirutye's Yebegsiga Alitcha - lamb stewed with garlic - were hearty and delicious!
In summary, the appetizer plus four main courses was plenty of food to feed 5 hungry adults.  In fact, we had plenty of leftovers! Everyone enjoyed the meal immensely.  

I highly recommend going for dinner at Little Ethopia in LA, and especially Meals by Genet. Plan ahead, however, as Meals by Genet is closed Monday and Tuesday and are only open Wednesday through Sunday 5:30 -10pm.  

Meals by Genet
1053 S Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019 

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