Thursday, June 2, 2011

Must Eat: CakeBar and CakeMonkey

After work today, I stopped by Fred Segal to pick up J's new Ray-Ban's.  As I walked out of the store and by Umami Burger, something caught my eye. Sitting alone at the picnic table outside, was a young girl with a foil wrapped treat in her hand. I took a closer look - it was a red velvet "cakewich" covered in chocolate. All of a sudden, I knew I needed one. I asked her where she got it and she told me you could buy them inside. 

I went to the counter and picked up one - It said "Rasperry Red Velvet". I hesitated a little (raspberry? in red velvet?), then paid and slipped it into my purse, eagerly anticipating eating it once I got home (minutes away).  
To my shock, when I cut it in half (to save some for J), I had not purchased red velvet, but rather the Black and White Cakewich!  Darn! I had no choice but to eat it.... and oh wow. It was delicious. Described on their website as a "Chocolate Cake Sandwich filled with Vanilla Cream, Valrhona Crunchy Pearls and coated in Bittersweet Chocolate. Wow Wow Wow.  It was tough not to eat the other half, but I'm a good wife. 

Since I'm on the topic of delicious treats, I want to share another awesome bakery.  This one was started by my best friend in college's cousin.  She brought some samples for us to try.  Cakebar is described as "The idea for a bakery specializing in alcohol infused desserts came about when we realized that it was possible to have sophisticated adult fun in a cupcake, cake or dessert. Most people love cupcakes and cocktails, you bring them together and it’s magic! We don’t need to tell you that these cupcakes and desserts will definitely generate a buzz ;)"

This is the "Irish Car Bomb" which is Guinness Infused Chocolate Cake with Whiskey Dark Chocolate Ganache and Baileys Buttercream frosting. it was perfectly balanced. A huge HIT!  
Cute packaging!

So despite my disappointment about not getting red velvet, I have had my share of delicious chocolate cakes over the past week.

Cake Monkey can be found at Umami Burger, Santa Monica
CakeBarLA can be food on the cleanstreetfood truck. 

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