Thursday, May 3, 2012

Must Eat: Blockheads Snow Cream, Los Angeles, CA

This is probably the most exciting dessert I've eaten in the past year! The first time I tried Blockhead Shaved Ice, I literally became giddy with excitement. It is THAT good. Blockheads Shavery came up with an interesting twist on Hawaiian shave ice by adding ice cream. The resulting "snow cream" is a light, yet rich, icy treat!  I think it's absolutely brilliant.

The snow cream comes 5 flavors: Original, Black Sesame, Green Tea, Strawberry and Peanut Butter. Then you can add your choice of toppings and drizzles. For the indecisive, they offer some winning combinations. These are our favorites:
Sesame snow cream with red bean and mango drizzle
Sesame snow cream with rice cake, cookies and cream and coconut puree 
If you are in LA and are craving something sweet, I highly recommend you pay a visit to this fun spot off of Sawtelle! Let me know what your favorite combinations are!

Blockheads Shavery
11311 Mississippi Ave
Los Angeles, CA. 90025
Mon-Thu 12:30-10:30pm
Fri-Sat 12:30-11pm
Sun 12:30-10pm

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